Who we are

We help our clients design and rapidly build engaging software solutions at a low cost. Our unique approach combines behavioral insights with the best of Serverless Cloud technology. We say, make software that works like people, don’t try to change people to work like software. 

Our services

CTO as a Service

Technology and product leadership. Augmenting early stage startups with senior technical expertise.

Behavioral Engineering

Behavior driven software design. Applying the behavioral sciences to deliver engaging solutions.

Serverless Development

Full-stack Serverless development. Specializing in GraphQL, React and AWS cloud based services.​

Our history

July 2018

Behavior First

Company founded on the insight that a behavior first approach to software design is key to user engagement.   

January 2019

Serverless Revolution

We tool up to leverage the accessibility of new Cloud based services requiring minimal operational overhead.

March 2020

Human Centric Workflow

Delivery of our first Cloud product. Solving the hard problem of  workflow when orchestrated by loosely associated actors.

Our Founder

Career spanning over 25 years of consulting with the likes of Netscape Communications, BEA Systems, Borland Software, Red Hat and more.  Expertise spanning Cloud, middleware, database and DevOps.

Stefano Picozzi

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